Priscilla Jankans is on a mission to motivate people to build a legacy that involves working smart & autonomously. Known as the "Go To"  coach you need in your business.  She is adept at identifying ways to turn influence & knowledge into profits. Whether on video blog or when she’s dropping gems from the event stage, Priscilla champions the long-term payoff of intentionally pursuing purpose & passion. 

After spending more than a decade working as an ICU Registered Nurse and later a Nurse Executive , Priscilla found herself at a crossroads. While her bank account grew significantly , she felt unfulfilled of the joy and economic freedom she desired. With a masterplan, a strong belief in her God-given talents and a deep desire to be her own boss, Priscilla left her six-figure job. She sought expert help and support. Within seveb months of taking the leap of faith, she successfully converted her part-time side hustle into a full-time, lucrative business. Since then, she has built a million-dollar personal improvement and business education empire.

As the CEO and Founder of NurseproCEO & BrandproCEO, Priscilla specializes in business development training and strategic coaching for emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners. From stay at home parents to small business owners, her innovative  resources help everyday entrepreneurs get richer—in finances, relationships and health. 


NurseproCEO & BrandproCEO  offers insight into proven business strategies and principles that catapult barely surviving companies into thriving enterprises. Her firm assist entrpreneurs in legitimizing their businesses through 1:1,  in depth consultations. She also provides unique and immersive programs that help business owners gain the confidence and clarity to build profitable ventures doing what they love

A highly relatable and genuine leader, Priscilla holds annual business conferences  where she serves as a keynote speaker. Members of her audience often remark on her transparent, practical and motivating approach to both business and life. 

When she's  not helping entrepreneurs optimize or start  their businesses, Priscilla enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Affectionately known as " The Crew ". She often shares inspirational snippets and snapshots from their everyday life.


Priscilla speaks nationally on entrepreneurship and the importance of creating profitable businesses. She started her first business with 750 dollars and successfully turned it into six-figure per year profit. From there she transitioned into a serial entrepreneur starting and selling many profitable businesses to those looking to work for themselves